2013 Scholarship Winners

The Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship Fund

We are pleased to announce the Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship Fund is now registered with the Ohio Secretary Of State’s office and has received non-profit status with the IRS. Tax Id. No: 02-085570

We would like to thank Ann Davis and Misty Hibbits, Jonathan Alder high school counselors for their assistance to the scholarship and to the children of our community.

We also extend our gratitude to the community members who have agreed to be part of our scholarship board. In our busy lives, these folks have agreed to meet and give careful consideration to every scholarship application and ultimately to make the difficult decisions of which applicants will receive the scholarships available. The Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship Board members are: Lynne Becker, Lenny Fauver, Theresa Fauver, Chelsea Fauver, and Tonja Stewart.

The recipients of the awards will receive a congratulations card and a promise to pay upon proof of enrollment and acceptance at an institution of higher learning, at the ceremonies on Senior Night at the high school.

Thank you to the Jonathan Alder school counselors and staff for your care and dedication in assisting the students in their life's journey. The Scholarship Board is very impressed by the achievements and future goals of the students and we wish them all good fortune. The recipients of the awards are the following students:

2016 Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship winners

  • Robert Dalton Wells
  • Shane Blacka
  • Morgan Foster

2015 Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship winners

  • Unfortunately, we had no applicants

2014 Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship winners

  • Ashley Day
  • Lauren Chauvin
  • Madison Wells
  • Taylor Mosbarger

2013 Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship winners

  • Nicole Haines
  • Hannah Rivas

2012 Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship winners

  • Mitch Ridder
  • Colleen Brady
  • Bianca Troyer
  • Caleb Colvin
  • Connor Longworth

2011 Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship winners

  • Haley Alexander
  • Corey Boyer
  • Jessica Day
  • Erin Eberhart
  • Chloe Lash

2010 Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship winners

  • Julia Eager
  • Courtney McGrew
  • Joey Kellett
  • Aaron Dunlap
  • Tyler Albanese

2009 Sierra Lin Fauver Scholarship winners

  • Robert Fogelsong
  • Eliza Graber
  • Stephanie Heubner
  • Brandon Rohrig
  • Lauren Thobe

Please join us in congratulations and Best wishes for these and all the graduates. . We congratulate and encourage the Jonathan Alder graduates to follow their dreams. THANK YOU TO THE PARENTS AND SUPPORTERS OF THE COMMUNITY!

The 2008 $1000.00 Scholarship recipients are:

  • Clay Headings
  • Jessica Hickman
  • Amber Johe
  • Charlotte Peterson

The 2007 $500.00 Award Recipients:

  • Delphia Baisden
  • Kaylin Glennan
  • Laura Newsad
  • Danielle Williams
  • Luke Benedict
  • Eileen McLoughlin
  • Katie Robinson

We wish good luck to all of you and your classmates. May your education provide many opportunities for you!

Please visit the district website to find out more information about the school at: www.alder.k12.oh.us. Congratulations to all the graduating seniors, our wonderful Jonathan Alder school system and to our community who are truly the winners when our children are educated.

Contributions are accepted year around to the scholarship fund (please see the contact us page). The annual fund raising golf event will be every year on the Sunday closest to August 5th, which is Sierra’s birthday.

Free JA Teen Driver Class on Feb 5

Date: Saturday February 5, 2011
Where: Jonathan Alder High School parking lot

 Thank you to the Allstate Foundation for the grant to make this event possible!  Thank you to the Jonathan Alder High School administration and staff for your cooperation and facilities to make this happen.  Thank you to Mid Ohio Driving Programs for working so closely with the high school and us to make the program a great success!  And a big thank you to local sponsors Joan Hinterscheid Allstate Agent in Plain City/ Marysville, Pioneer Coffee House, and Connie Troyer Scholarship Board member and supporter of all events!